Breed Knitting: Designed To Last

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On my way to the elevator, I wanted to double check the address of Breed Knitting’s studio on my phone. That’s when I landed on their fully responsive transactional mobile site, not bad for a textile and craft company. So I climbed up to the 10th floor where the girls were waiting for us.


Ariane Michaud and Frédérique Sarrazin operate their modern knitting company from a sun-lit studio inside a Mile-End building where most of Montreal’s garment industry used to thrive. Now all these lofts are home to startups and artists.

“We are officially 2. But we always have interns coming in or out, and a couple of contractees that we wish were there forever.”


Their mission is to create quality and classical clothes that will not go out of fashion. At the same time, they also see themselves as a design company, because they’re not simply creating the final pieces, but also providing materials for third parties.

“We are building a company in the idea of creating a design box, where we collaborate with other designers from different fields and specializations. We also specialize in textile design, which is not a mainstream thing.”

Breed_5V8A8250 Breed_5V8A8278

The company relies on fashion trade shows for most of their sales as they travel to meet directly with their costumers. Events like One of A Kind in Toronto and Renegade Craft Fair in New York can last for two weeks.

“We mainly sell to men around the age of 35 to 55 years old. People that have a passion for classic clothing, well-made garments with an edge. A lot of graphic and industrial designers. Always an interesting crowd.”

Ariane had a funny reaction when discussing the use of technology:

“Technology ? Ahahah! Well… we try to produce clothing that used to be considered craft (knit) and make it into an industrially accessible garment. We work with research machines and computers to program the textiles. That’s how close we get to technology!”

Breed_5V8A8257 Breed_5V8A8242

To learn more about Breed Knitting, visit their website.
This cool video (in French only) has been produced for the upcoming craft show Souk @ SAT.

souk @ sat // 10×10 – BREED KNITTING from souk @ sat on Vimeo.

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