Clark Street Mercantile: Forging A Genuine Bond Between People And Craftsmen

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Entering Clark Street Mercantile is a bit like sneaking into your cool cousin’s bedroom. Everything seems so rare and precious. You want to touch, smell and try everything. It looks random at first glance, but every item you’ll stumble upon has been carefully curated by Scott Meleskie, the 32 year old shop owner.

“We try hard to bring as many exclusive brands, or brands that aren’t sold in any other store in the city. My customers value craftsmanship and products that have a story to tell.”


Scott recently designed his first small collection (video) under the Mercantile brand name for spring/summer 2014. He worked with a small family-run factory just outside of Chicago, using high-quality Japanese cotton fabrics in all his pieces. This resulted in a couple of oxford shirts, a button-down short sleeve shirt and a pair of lightweight shorts.

“I’m currently looking to produce the next collection locally. Montreal has a thriving garment industry and I would love to support them in any way I can.”


You can locate Clark Street Mercantile (map) in the heart of  Mile-End in Montreal. It’s exploding right now with so many great independent shops, artists, designers, musicians and restaurants.

“Right across the street you have 2 Montreal institutions: Wilensky’s (who make one of the world’s best smoked meat sandwiches) and Fairmount Bagel (who make some of the world’s best bagels). Both these places have so much history to tell.”

Mercantile_5V8A7944 Mercantile_5V8A7957

Scott used to work in advertising and finally made his choice to leap into the unknown and just go for it. That requires balls, sweat and blood. This is why he definitely qualifies as a Montreal Maker and an inspiring entrepreneur.

“I love when what we’re trying to do clicks with people. Nothing makes me happier than when people come in and just say ‘Wow I love your shop!’ It’s a great feeling.”

Mercantile_5V8A7890 Mercantile_5V8A7968

You can learn more about Clark Street Mercantile on their website. 

This article is part of our series about Montreal Makers.

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