GURU Meets Brooklyn: Stories Of People Who Make It Happen

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When GURU asked me to be the Guest Editor for a series of stories about entrepreneurs and makers, I first thought it was a little tacky. After all, initiatives like the Brooklyn Makers Project painted a pretty good landscape of the Brooklyn crafts scene. But I somehow accepted under the condition that I would have carte blanche in the curation process. My approach would be to not only focus on makers of material things, but to also feature a bunch of people who make it happen on a social scale. Simply amazing humans who are releasing good energy into the world.

T his is the rooftop view I found when I arrived at the Guru’s US headquarters in Brooklyn. Glad I accepted.


Walking along with me in this journey are Alex de Billy, Director of Marketing and Justin Dallegret, Creative Director (and photographer) for the GURU brand. This guy’s father was a friend of Dali and Warhol, just saying. Here’s Alex and me crammed up in Ray Jolicoeur’s (GURU co-founder) office, reviewing the two week’s schedule.


Prior to the trip, two solid weeks of research were conducted before I was shipped here. First I thought I was doing fine: the meetings were booked and the schedule was tight. But once on location, random and unexpected stuff started to happen. We stumbled upon so many cool people and venues that my initial curated list was challenged. I kinda got sucked in Brooklyn. I got lost and carried away by the good energy and the kindness of strangers. This is where the real adventure begins.


This series of stories will  be published weekly on this blog and, of course, shared with the world on GURU’s Facebook page.  Stories will range from the meeting of a witty pinball machine magnate to a dreamy art studio owner, detouring by a bakery that serves bacon-cronuts and an indoor boulder climbing facility (and many more).

Feel free to share them with your friends and give us some feedback.
I truly hope these stories will inspire you.

-Jeff Lee

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