Hatch.co: Where Crafts And Digital Meet

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It’s the holiday season and your gift-idea nightmares are back to haunt you. But hey, put down the Xanax pill because Hatch.co just simplified your quest to surprise everyone without rolling into a fetal position.

Hatch.co allows you to buy awesome crafted items online and put your own twist to them. In opposition to similar websites such as Etsy, Hatch.co eliminates the back and forth communication with the craftsmen and standardizes the customization process with a simple user-interface. Ryan Hayward is the co-founder and CEO. He agreed to meet us at one of his maker-supplier lofts in Bushwick, Brooklyn.


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“The co-working space where our offices were went bankrupt, so we had to move out for a bit. We actually launched this website from a coffee shop.” Typical startup story.

From the small loft-atelier couch, Ryan and me are interrupted by the tool sounds of artist Devin Kain, busy up-cycling a suitcase into a cool music speaker. But Devin is better known for his best selling piece on Hatch: The Book-Clock.



“The challenge with this website was to build a system where prices are based on the customization options without losing time on details. We currently have 1000 makers and our efforts are focused on signing up more makers.”

But online gifts is a cluttered space. Ryan hopes Hatch.co will stand out with this unique customizable approach and a sweet SEO and Adwords dance. The former Google employee founded Hatch.co last year and is about to undertake his first holiday season. Fingers are crossed and makers are waiting. The young company recently raised 900K in funding and the next few weeks will be crucial to pull good metrics.





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