Provender: Bringing Local Farmers And Chefs To The Same Table

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It’s a young energetic and close shaved entrepreneur who was waiting for us. Caithrin Rintoul is the 27 year old CEO of the Montreal startup Provender. Basically he wants to fix the food distribution system for restaurants.

“Lots of restaurants want access to much fresher produce and more diverse offerings. At the same time, many farmers growing truly amazing produce find it extremely difficult to sell their products without going through traditional wholesale distributors.”


Here comes Provender. Their website connects farmers directly to restaurants through an online marketplace. This offers new ways for farmers to access local markets and helps farms to reduce waste by making possible pre-harvest sales.

“We work with 33 chefs in Montreal, from counters in Mile End like Dinette Triple Crown all the way to fine-dining restaurants like Toqué in the downtown core.”

At the same time, they have to develop strong relationships with local farms:

“Our farm team is an amazing collection of soil lovers, but if I had to pick favorites, I would go with Jardins De La Montagne, because they grow 200 kinds of tomatoes and tomatoes are my very, very favorite.”



We love when technology solves real world problems. Provender brings just-in-time to the farmer’s field by facilitating direct sales relationships between restaurants and farmers before crops have even been harvested. They hope their technology will disrupt the antique distribution system by giving chefs and farmers an easy and convenient way to find each other.

“If Google organized information and Facebook organized people, we’d like to organize food. Is that too ambitious?”

Learn more about Provender by visiting their website.
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