Brooklyn Night Bazaar: Now A Yearlong Celebration Of Makers

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“So what’s your story?”

That was probably my most effective pick-up line, strolling from booth to booth at the Brooklyn Night BazaarWe humans are social creatures, always looking for new friends and sometimes love in every aspect of our everyday routine. That’s why we need more gatherings like this, where alcohol, projects, music and food mix, and every stranger has a story to tell.

It’s by chance that the Brooklyn Night Bazaar is now happening year-long every Friday and Saturday from 6 pm to midnight. And it’s perfect right now if you want to find that unique Xmas gift.

This guy below is the sauce boss with his company Heatonist. He’s in the business of curating the best hot sauce from smaller companies who don’t have distribution yet. You can taste every sauce ranging from okay sweet to bye bye cruel world.



This entrepreneur from Clean City Soap came from Vermont to sell her organic line. She also crafts her own paper using the junk mail she receives at home!


Brooklyn_Bazaar_5V8A9818 Brooklyn_Bazaar_5V8A9822

The food selection is awesome, I treated myself to an Arancino ball, the rest of the team also fell for it.
Tasted like some kind of a risotto on steroids.

You can see the whole list of food vendors and music gigs on the website.


You’re guaranteed to reunite with familiar faces like we did with artist Devin Kain, who we previously met at home, selling his awesome clock books.


Oh, and if crafts and food and music isn’t your thing, there’s minigolf and ping pong. Of course.
165 Banker St, Fridays and Saturdays, 6 pm-midnight, FREE to enter.






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