5 Tips To Start 2014 With Good Energy

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It all starts with good energy.

For this new year, we hope nothing stops you in your quest and aspirations.
We hope you trigger positive change around you, big or small.
Here’s 5 easy tips you can apply right now.



1. Try one new thing every week

Whether it’s giving a shot to a new band, choosing a different lunch or walking back home through an unexpected street, these little changes will trigger curiosity patterns inside you. And all of a sudden, new ideas will pop out. Ideas you would not expect.

2. Take notes everywhere

Creativity is a muscle you need to flex often in order to improve it. One simple thing you can do is download a note app like evernote on your phone. Now every time you have a cool random thought, a funky business idea or a one liner joke, write it down. It will clear your mind’s field for new ideas to grow.

3. Make it happen

This project you wish you had time to do, well it’s time you do it. What do you have in mind? Nobody said it has to be great from the beginning. You have to think big, but start small. Remove the pressure you put on yourself about whether you will be successful or not and just go for it!

4. Drink and eat better

The cool thing about 2014 is that there’s now plenty of cool new heathy products to choose from. There’s no more excuses! And in the process, try to help those around you to discover and try healthier options. Sometimes, a little kick in the butt is all someone needs to tip over.

5. Cast an open net for great relationships

Meaningful relationships are harder to fish. But they last longer than your disposable bar friends. If you are in a mindset to meet people based on common interests instead of practicing shallow fishing at your local watering hole, you might end up with a few new great friends and maybe LOVE in your net.

Happy new year everyone!

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