The Guru Can Makeover

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Design is really important in the packaged goods business because it’s often the first point of contact with a new potential customer. Shelves are packed with hundreds of beverages, some competing directly with you for the same attention. Obviously you want your product to stand out, but at the same time, you hope your message is clear and that those first encounters actually get what makes you different, what sets you apart from the competition.

The marketing challenge
The challenge with GURU has always been to claim that it’s crafted with natural and organic ingredients without looking too soft and and be perceived as not efficient. So the overall design needs to look like an energy drink but feel that there is something is different about it. That GURU is unique in his category. Right from the early years, we had this challenge in mind. This is the original design of 1999 now exposed in our office.

The very first can!


A little refresh
In 2012, we felt like the can should go through a little makeover and refresh it’s design. Having secured more distribution among healthy grocery stores such as Whole Foods, it felt that the GURU can design could be a little more approachable and simple. The idea was not to completely change it, but simply to make it more readable and clear. The product kept it’s original brand heritage and colours and maybe the early fans of GURU didn’t even noticed the change!

Below is Art Director Justin Dallegret with Alex de Billy and Ray Jolicoeur from marketing in an offsite meeting, discussing the brand positioning. Is that a tank top Justin?

Discussing about the brand positioning!

New can, same great product
Here is the new can, slightly simplified and easier to read. The energy wave flowing with the vivid red that catches the eye. Our Natural energy drink statement has been written bolder. We hope you guys appreciate it. It is of course our desire as a company to stay in line with the current times. That’s why we support startup companies, local initiatives and makers of all kind. We are a curious brand and care about the new trends and business practices.

What do you think of the new can design?

GURU new design.




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