The Studio: Make Yourself At Home

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We were not really sure if we ended at the right place when we got out of the J train.

I mean, the address we had was taking us to a sketchy restaurant right under the tracks and there was no signs of any gentrified artist real estate around. Then we saw this door, and at the same time, Christina Rinaldi crossing the street to save us.

“I know! This place is so random. I discovered The Studio when I was in fact looking for dance classes. This used to be a dance studio. But by the time I made up my mind, the dance lessons were gone and a For Rent sign was up. I live a block away so figured I could do something with the place.”




Christina is a consulting designer under the name Prima Creative. She decided that this place would become a creative space for artist to work or showcase their latest pieces. It’s also a pretty nice party space. Christina is involved in the street art scene, she’s recently been involved with Adidas on a nail pop up salon and did some design for the Vogue website. I lot of her work is available on her Behance portfolio.



Below is her friend, the artist Zilla Did It, busy finishing the walls before everybody arrives for the gallery opening in a few hours.

“It’s important that everybody just feel like home here and that artists have a sense of ownership in this place, like a collective. Right now, I’m looking for brands or sponsors who would like to be associated with this place and help me keep the lights on. This is really a passion project. I also have to admit that I’d like to take over this restaurant downstairs!”

The_Studio_5V8A0564 The_Studio_5V8A0609

You can see from the half drank bottles around the studio that there has been a party there the night before. Another one is coming tonight. This is really a rad and unexpected location and we’re glad Christina had a hunch about flipping this place into an art studio. Feel free to contact her if you have ideas, want to work there or simply get involved. There is definitely good energy going on here.




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