5 Tips To Boost Your Everyday Creativity

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Samuel Goldwyn summed it up very well with his famous quote: “The harder I work, the luckier I seem to get.” Brilliant people understand that creativity is a muscle that needs to flex and be trained in order to make better things happen. That’s why we suggest you implement small measures in your everyday life to help trigger creative sparks. 

Perform small life hacks

Albert Einstein was known for coming up with funny ways to save time and energy. For example, he would boil an egg inside a soup in order to save time and dishes. This Buzzfeed list of life hacks is pretty amazing.

Image from the Buzzfeed list

Image from the Buzzfeed list

Create a link dump with friends

Gather 5 or 6 friends in a Facebook thread where you guys can simply share links, pictures and videos. This will bring joy to your days and help you discover cool stuff way faster. Most of the time, you’ll end up sharing stupid memes, but that’s ok.


Learn something completely unrelated to work

If you are a lawyer, learn poetry. And if you’re generally creative, try solving logic puzzles. It may seem odd, but you will soon realize that this new stuff can be transferred to your field of work in some powerful subconscious ways. For example, in this Forbes article Sean Parker mentions he knows everything about watchmaking.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 3.35.22 PM

Sean Parker, photo from the Forbes article.

Ask for feedback

Don’t keep your work to yourself, open up and bounce your work in progress with friends and co-workers. Here’s an article from our very own Jeff Lee about how to get honest and efficient feedback.

Photo 2013-11-17 02 21 10

Jeff Lee and Alex de Billy, being wildly creative.

Create your invisible council

When you’re facing a problem or you feel stuck, imagine what someone you admire would do. What would Hans Solo do? What would Kanye West do? Sometimes it will get funny, but you will soon realize there’s so many new angles and solutions to your current problem.


What would Tyler Durden do? Photo from IMDB.



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