3 simple ways to stay motivated in the gym

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So you decided to go to the gym and get back in shape right? The once deserted gyms of December are now fully packed with the January motivated people, but will it last? How can you keep up with the promise you made to yourself during the holidays while grabbing that third portion of gravy-soaked turkey? Here’s 3 little tips:

1. Music is Everything

Worst than running is actually, running out of new music. One easy way to get fresh tunes is to install on your phone a free app like Soundcloud or Grooveshark. These web-based application will allow you to quickly create playlists or choose from the existing pool of mixes. And if you are frugal with your data plan, try to ask for the Wi-fi password.

2. Swag Is Important

Self-confidence and a general sense of style are also important when going to the gym. You invested in a good membership, so why don’t you also pick sport clothes that make you feel cool and fresh. Time to throw out these saggy high-school basketball shorts and go for something new where you won’t be hiding behind the third row of elliptical to stretch.

3. Triggers

It’s easier to find reasons to NOT go to the gym than actually do. That is why this third advice is so important. Try to trigger yourself into going by imposing a tight schedule to your calendar. Start slow, 2 or 3 times a week and stick to it. No matter what. Also take your gym bag to work. It will prevent you from going back home and turn to the console or computer. Some other intelligent people will even put the gym bag in front of their apartment door just before going to bed.


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