Hazan Motors : Art Gallery Babies

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The meeting of this incredible artist was originally not on the schedule. Ray from the marketing team was riding the elevator to the office one day, when in came this gentleman and his interesting motorcycle. He tipped me to investigate if his atelier was actually in the building. The third floor is where we finally found Maxwell Hazan, artist and maker at Hazan Motorworks.


Maxwell doesn’t see himself as a mechanic but more as a designer and artist. You see, everything except the engine on his bikes is made from scratch. He starts from a solid block of steel and designs then crafts all of the pieces.

“I’ve always built stuff. I used to be a high-end interior designer with projects on the side. I once designed and built a small plane that I sold on eBay.”

He sure looks more of a beach boy than a dirty-hands builder. But as we tour the atelier and he shows us the two bikes he’s working on, you realize that you can’t fake this kind of passion.


“You see these skinny tires? I recycled them from a 1920’s car. And look at this wood bench over here. I know you want to touch it. Everybody does. I still got to make it softer.”

Obviously these beauties come with expensive price tags: more than $100,000 a pop. But Max has a different approach when it comes to selling them. He considers his motorcycles as art pieces, and simply decided he would exhibit them in art galleries and see who’s interested. The two bikes he’s finishing are going straight to Switzerland next week.



“Oh these bikes are fully functional! I test drive every one of them. But my favorite customers are those who will hang them in their living rooms.”

He recently learned that one of his previous constructions has been bought by Felix Baumgartner, now famous for his freefall from the edge of space. Real recognizes real! You can see all the recent work of Hazan Motors on their website or Facebook page.




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