5 Questions To Toby L. Taylor, A South Florida Merchandiser

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What makes a company go from good to great is of course the people involved in every aspect of the operations. Starting with a great recipe all the way to the final product that finds its way to your local shop. At GURU we pride ourselves in working with people who contribute their good energy all across America and today, we ask 5 questions to Toby L. Taylor, the man in charge of our distribution in south Florida.

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Toby L. Taylor, taking care of business at The Vitamin Shoppe

What is the role of your company in the Guru operations?

We are a company based on wellness and eco-sustainable products that are good for our planet! I do Sales, promotions and merchandising. We work on connecting Healthy Grocery with Healthy Active Eco Sustainable Activities.

You don’t work with any beverage company. What type of company do you prefer?

We choose to work with beverage companies that want to do as little damage to the earth and people.

What do you like about GURU?

First of all I’m a GURU user and consumer. I believe in the product, its 100% crap free, it gives me a Natural comfortable energy boost that tastes great and sustains me for hours when I need peak performance in my office or in the field.

How’s the market in Florida? People are looking for what type of products?

Market is growing and more people are looking for the healthy alternative. I’m seeing more and more baby boomers drinking GURU, they want the energy for work and play. Meanwhile, the younger generation is smarter than ever and don’t fall for the mainstream marketing of unhealthy product. They want to be healthy and knowledgeable and share their experiences on social networks.

You have an interesting sport’s background. How does that influence what you do in your business?

I love Surfing, whether it’s in the snow or water. That being said, I try to support and do business with companies that contribute to a Health-Wellness Eco-Sustainable Economy. GURU gives that Natural Organic energy life I need to enjoy the good things in life that Mother Nature provides us.


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