The Morris Truck: Grilled Cheese As A Platform

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You shouldn’t have any problem locating the Morris Grilled Cheese food truck. Their website indicates the exact spot where it’s parked. We found it steaming in DUMBO, right under the Manhattan Bridge. We had first met these guys at the Brooklyn Bazaar a few days earlier and they setup a rendez-vous for a real treat.


You should always try to do one thing and do it good. The Morris Truck chose  grilled cheese. Who doesn’t like grilled cheese anyways?

“A few years ago, the owner of the truck found himself on the road with its music band. They pulled over to a truck stop to get sandwiches and that’s where it struck him. He had a cheesy epiphany.”

Kenan Fideli and David Boltman started with pushing us the original sandwich, served with home made pickled stuff and blood orange soda made from their own syrup. Using the grilled cheese as a platform, they then created a range of sandwiches like their best selling Jerk Chicken sandwich and Chilli Grilled Cheese.




“This is probably the best job in the world. I mean, we always move around and meet people. We get to drive this truck everywhere from music festivals to business districts. And we do all the maintenance ourselves, so it can be very challenging sometimes.”



They kept pushing us new stuff. This is a dessert sandwich made with sweet mascarpone and packed with chocolate. God, that was something. Thanks to Kenan and David. But one last question? Where does the Morris name comes from?

“The truck was named after the owner’s grandfather who was operating a burger kart in the 20’s in Manhattan. He thought it could be a great tribute.”

You see? Real people, real stories.





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