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She was waiting for us in her apartment on the corner of Laurier avenue. A tad shy, she’d just had her small office redone and was happy with the results. Gabrielle Laïla Tittley draws in a sunny room, surrounded by miniature dinosaurs and tiny cactus plants.



“Most of my friends are crazy about cats, but I’m into cactuses! So I created a calendar of cats with cactuses,” she explains.


The first time we met Gabrielle was at the Marché Smart Design last December. A friend had just bought two of her original drawings. Prints obviously make purchasing her work more accessible.

“I think it’s important that everyone gets interested in art. Art doesn’t have to be expensive or take place in a gallery. I even have friends who won’t come to a vernissage. They think there’s something snobby about it.”

Gabrielle likes music. Ad she has lots of friends in the music scene and she sometimes collaborates with a few of them, like Joël Vaudreuil from the group Avec pas d’casque. She also creates album sleeves and draws posters. Below, a collaboration with Bernard Adamus.



Her style is brilliant, colourful and full of double meanings; if on a first view her drawings can seem childlike, they also contain nudity and pop culture references that only adults would understand.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 2.42.02 PM

“I like it that my work forces people to take a second look, to be sensitive to nuances, to enter into the drawing to discover things. I do automatic drawing, so that when I start I dive into my subconscious and revisit images from my past… a more innocent time, perhaps?”



Gabrielle has just launched her website and is slowly realizing the potential of online buying. She is surprised that her prints have sold so quickly. So don’t wait to check them out! Miniature dinosaurs and mini cactus plants can brighten up an office, no?


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