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I got pretty excited when I found out that the GURU team was flying down to Anaheim for Expo West and that while in Cali, they wanted me to guest edit the blog and share the exhilarating stories of awesome people making things happen in two of my favorite cities in the world: Los Angeles and San Francisco. Yup! That’s me jumping for joy in front of Gjelina, a swoon-worthy hipster eatery in Venice Beach. I’m all about #goodenergy. 🙂

But before we go any further, let’s flashback to 2008, when GURU was just starting to establish a presence in the United States. I was living in New York for a couple years already when I got a call from Ray who invited me to join the team and seed product to fun parties in Lower East Side, swanky Midtown offices, obscure art shows in Bushwick and everything in between.

With the hottest team of promo babes to keep the drinks flowing, I gotta say this had to be one of my best years in the city, and it’s kind of cool to see that these guys are STILL thinking of me when attacking a new market!


6 years later, I’ve started my own magazine over at LIVEFASTMAG.COM and I STILL regularly down a GURU Lite when I hit that 4pm dip.

I’ve lived in Hollywood for four years now and there’s one thing I know for sure: people who say that L.A. people suck really don’t know what they’re talking about, and this forthcoming series of articles is here to prove it! Creatives from all over are flocking to the city of Angels where the cultural scene is thriving from art to fashion to food, and of course – film.

It doesn’t matter how bad traffic is or that I sleep over the San Andreas fault, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in my early thirties. Except… maybe San Fran! So we took a road trip up Highway 1 through Big Sur – the most magical route to get to the Bay Area.


So in the next few weeks, get ready to meet some of my favorite human beings as well as the most exciting discoveries we’ve made on this fun California adventure. I really hope you learn something new, open your eyes to some of the West Coast’s best kept secrets and get inspired to start something RAD of your own!

xoxo Viv


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