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Erika Drolet and Sammy Jane Hughes think that jewellery shouldn’t be confined to simply your neck, ears and fingers. They created their company Jane & Rye to explore different ways to wear jewellery. Meaning? Their thigh jewellery for one, that’s become something of a trademark for them.


“In the beginning we asked our friends to give us their old jewellery which we recycled to make our first collection. That’s how the idea of the business started,” they explain. “But today we produce hundreds from scratch.”



The two partners also explore other possibilities like hat ornaments as part of their collaboration with the brand Épiphany. “I love hats these days, and obviously I’m not the only one. But the idea of adding a little element, a jewel that makes it more unique, that’s interesting,” says Erika.


“It’s funny because often it’s guys who stop us in the street. They don’t really know how to label our creations when they point them out on us, but they find them pretty on their girlfriends.” Recently they organized an evening, in collaboration with a lingerie designer, during which each model wore one of their creations.

Photo Fantasy Party at l’Apt. 200

“Jewellery is less stressful than the rest of the fashion industry,” says Sammy. “Our creations can be put together quickly after an order, and trends don’t change as quickly as they do with clothes.” In fact, the two girls have a relaxed vibe in their studio. You can find their jewellery for sale in dozens of boutiques and on their website.





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