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Intrigued by Terrarium Obsessarium’s work, we visited Martine Goyette in her stylish apartment on the plateau. Looking at her walls, we quickly realized that she’s a tad obsessed by forms. But where does the glass part come in? She lets us in on her story. “When my grandfather passed away I inherited his glassworks toolkit. At first I didn’t quite know what to do with it. But then I started experimenting.” This industrial design graduate was quick to appreciate the various geometrical designs she could create.



“At first I did some tests and discovered that I didn’t like colours much. But I loved transparent glass.” Martine designs her polygons flat, as you do in geometry class in high school. “For more complex designs I use 3D modelling software that allows you to print a flat rendering of the forms.” She then uses her grandfather’s tools to cut the glass. The sides are finally welded together with the help of a copper thread and the joints are made waterproof so that plants can be put in.



Her terrariums vary in form and size and some models can be hung. Her creations have a little something retro-futurist that evokes what the 1960s imagined our world of today would look like. Too bad it didn’t turn out that way! Martine has also started producing lamps using the same technique. “I experiment a lot and often the tests end up being presents for my friends.”

Terrarium-Obscessarium_5V8A4483 Terrarium-Obscessarium_5V8A4504

Since Martine works full-time in advertising and communications, this remains a hobby for her. Each of her creations can take several hours to assemble and if she takes on too many orders her weekends can turn into assembly-line workdays. Clearly the passion she puts into her work makes each of her terrariums precious. So hurry up and order yours!


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