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What makes a company stand out? Often it’s something quite simple, such as a memorable slogan or an original product. A good idea can be found anywhere, not just in an advertising agency. These days Tuyaux & Co is getting a lot of attention thanks to a simple idea: making furniture out of pipes. “It’s incredibly modular and it all fits together well,” explains Robin de Millo Terrazzani, formerly a web project manager. Today we find him in a work apron wearing protective goggles and getting his hands dirty.



“At first it was just a fun hobby, but one night after a few drinks at home we began to come up with a company vision,” recalls Nicolas Turgeon. A few weeks later the group partnered with cabinet maker Benoit Therrien and suddenly found themselves heading a company with a studio of their own and a long list of orders. “Obviously art galleries are interested in us because of the pipes and our story, but we also make more conventional furniture with wood that’s exclusively from here, like walnut, cherry and wild cherry.”


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None of them (except the cabinet maker) has been specifically trained for this profession, but they all have an enormous appreciation for learning and a return to what they consider genuine. The company’s founders studied economics together, which explains why their original creations bear the names of economists. This touch-activated industrial-chic lamp, for instance, is named W. Leontief.

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The pipes must be measured and cut because they can only be ordered in long format. “We had to purchase all the necessary equipment before starting,” explains Robin as he passes us earplugs before sawing a big piece of wood. The studio smells of freshly cut wood, oil and varnish, and evokes a return to the tangible that the generation raised on blog posts and laptops in café’s seem to have left behind.




“We try a lot of things and make a lot of mistakes. Sometimes we come up with concepts but when we begin building them we realize that it’s not really the style we’re looking for and we head back to the drawing board.” An apt example of good energy, no? Incidentally, the guys at Tuyau & Co will be overseeing the renovation of a boutique on Mount Royal Street, and we’ll be sure to check it out. You can see all of their original creations on their official website.




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