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Hotel Tonight is the best possible way to book a last minute hotel room. Run as an app for iPhone, iPad, and Android, it hooks you up with epic rooms at a discounted price. Hotels give the company their unsold rooms and the app allows you to book said unsold rooms at a lower price securely from your smart phone.


I took a swing past their swanky San Francisco office. Modeled after the Ace Hotel in New York, it has a clean, sleek interior featuring modern decor. Complete with a Canadian flag – the first country they worked with outside of the US, I immediately felt at home in their office. They’ve been in their San Francisco digs for well over a year and having spread throughout all major cities, Hotel Tonight is destined to become a main contender in hospitality industry.


Traveling on a whim is nothing new to me, therefore being able to log onto Hotel Tonight the day of a trip and find a rad hotel to stay the night at for less than list price is pretty ideal. Cruise by their website here.


















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