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Juice Served Here. It is sort of like an elite health club, except it is all inclusive and welcomes customers to actually enjoy not only their juice but the experience at the juicery. It even has its own membership system called Juice Society. You get a card deeming you a member of this easily accessible society that will track your number of juices and offers a free juice every ten juices as well as other perks at affiliations around town.


The name comes from the company’s aesthetic – you get your juice and you enjoy it inside the bar. Fresh juice served in thick cozy mugs, reasonable sized samples, staffed with kind and outgoing fresh faces, and complete with Internet access, this spot is a standout amongst the trendy juiceries that sell you an overpriced juice and show you on your way.


The atmosphere is chic and effortlessly cool – thanks to the founders’ Alex and Greg background in fashion. Focusing on creating something that is unique and “non-granola” in what would be considered a pretty “granola” industry, the two are focused on taking the never conventional approach, modestly boasting their originality through the company’s culture.


While Juice Served here is invested in creating all organic products, they are equally invested in creating strong relationships with farmers and distributors, focusing on narrowing the menu down to the point where they can make a significant positive difference to the farmer/distributor. For example, without over-utilizing any of those ingredients, they are trying to take their biggest purchases and lump them together with as many single farmers who specialize in those particular fruits and vegetables as they can. In addition, Juice Served Here is comprised of proud beegans – people who are fighting for the livelihood of bees and the magic their pollen bestows on many of our favorite products.



My favorite on the menu is probably The Cream Party…mostly because the name always makes me chuckle a bit. The Began Raw shake is also pretty incredible – I’m a sucker for bee pollen, especially since I recently found out bee pollen is told to have the most vitamins and minerals out of any substance on the earth. With plans to take their four locations and expand that number to nine, Juice Served Here is certain to take over Los Angeles.




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