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I’ve taken many a last minute trip. Some have turned out well while others have… ahem, turned out a bit lackluster. I’ve compiled a list of my top five rules to keep in mind while booking your vacation home online, courtesy of the owner of Boutique Homes. Check it!

1. Choose a site which doesn’t charge a fee on top of the rental. You’re already spending a good chunk of change on the rental – be savvy with your money and put that saved money towards an upgraded rental home.

2. Choose a site that will do the work for you. By already selecting and picking the vacation homes based on their design, the right site will be able to generate appropriate results that will inevitable speed up the process of picking out the vacation home.

3. Be aware that there are site with no quality control, meaning anybody can upload anything. To avoid this, choose a more personal and design site. My logic is that if the site looks good, changes are the properties will look good as well.

4. Choose a site where you can talk to a human if you need to. For security and simple convenience reasons, definitely be aware of the likelihood of you being able to speak with a live associate in any given scenario.

5. Always read the fine print and always read between the line. A good deal is often a great scam. Don’t be taken a fool by too-cheap-to-believe vacation homes or in-genuine deals.

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