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If you are in the art scene, you have definitely heard Marsea Goldberg’s name. Founder of New Image Art Gallery and total powerhouse of the contemporary arts scene, she created New Image as her personal design studio in 1994. In the past twenty years, the gallery has transformed into an art scene staple with a global following. I caught up with Marsea recently to ask her what top five pieces of advice she has for an artist looking to jumpstart her career. Read on and get working!

1) Get out of course and go to art openings open studios, museums, art lectures, art fairs. Places like The Standard Hotel has accessible art events. Be a sponge, get to know the scene and figure out what you respond to. It’s a great way to meet people and expand your knowledge while drinking free wine. It is important that artists have a community of support with other artists and collectors.

2) Running off my first suggestion – try things you wouldn’t necessarily try. For example, there are life drawing parties where you can not only practice drawing human form from the model but also meet fellow artists.

3) Go to artist’s parties… Continually go to the same galleries to get to know the crowd and staff. This does not mean you will get to show there, but again, it helps incorporate and welcome you into the community.

4) Show wherever you can. Restaurants., your living room, friend’s studios, art walks. This is how you meet people and get invited to show again. Have your friends introduce you to their dealers and see if they can recommend you for a group show or curate you in a project. This is much more effective than sending emails that read “to whom it may concern, here is my website.”

5) Be cool, be humble, work hard, develop your vision and most importantly, enjoy the process…

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