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Meet the GURU Energy Water Brew Master

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Over the last few years, GURU Energy Drink went on a mission to discover and portray inspiring makers. The smart and creative individuals or companies who put so much good energy into their project that in turn, inspire our whole community to do better things. We are grateful that our paths crossed at some point, and that we were able to capture the essence of their passion and entrepreneurship. You can catch up with all of the previous stories here.

As a way to close our latest makers series and in light of the recent launch of GURU Energy Water, we thought it would be appropriate to talk to you about our very own Maker & Brew Master, Luc Martin-Privat. Over the last 3 years, Luc and his team have been hard at work, researching and developing a new beverage. The result is a never seen before innovation, which responds to consumer’s energy needs without compromising health or taste.


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In this fast-paced, hectic, pulled-in-all-directions era, we crave more and more energy to perform all-the-while being more health-conscious than ever before. With a declining soda market and thirsty consumers in search of healthier beverage alternatives, Luc saw an opportunity to develop a smart beverage, based on the principal of good organic energy.

“Consumers used to having a soda or conventional energy drinks, which provided them with a caffeine boost, are now looking to better-for-you functional beverages for alternatives. Therefore, my team and I decided to craft a better product to satisfy this need using organic ingredients and a naturally-occurring source of caffeine.

At GURU, we believe there’s a smarter way to provide you with good energy to fulfill your greatest dreams and aspirations. This philosophy inspired us to create GURU Energy Water crafted with natural and organic ingredients.”

Green tea ingredient


At the heart of GURU Energy Water is an infusion of energizing green tea.

“Naturally, green tea became our first energy botanical option, not just because of its long history of use in many cultures and traditions throughout Asia, but for its validated and longstanding reputation for improving mood, cognitive function and physical performance.”

The journey doesn’t end there. The art of brewing green tea for energy consists of a balanced infusion process that eliminates its bitterness and retains its energizing qualities and valuable antioxidants.


Luc put a lot importance on developing Energy Water as a zero-calorie, zero sugar beverage while delivering a touch of sweetness and subtle real fruit aroma. This goal was achieved by combining real organic fruit juices imported from Spain, Italy, Turkey and Mexico mixed with a touch of stevia, a plant used for centuries by communities of South America, in combination with another natural zero-calorie sweetener called Erythritol.

GURU Energy Water Map


“To produce a 100% organic Energy Water, each ingredient must certified organic,” explains Luc. “For this reason, we have to source our ingredients from all the purest suppliers around the world.”

GURU Energy Water, released in the US a year ago, has already been recognized as a game-changing beverage in the health market. It has claimed the Best Beverage of 2016 award by Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine.

It is with great pride and fervor that Luc and the GURU team introduce GURU Energy Water. We hope you enjoy the good energy as much as we do!

GURU Energy Water

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