6 Back to School Essentials For College Students

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As September approaches there’s a familiar feeling in the air…for some, it’s apprehension, for others, it’s opportunity. At least that’s the way we like to look at it. As students head back to campuses all around the country, there’s an almost tangible thrill that comes with starting things fresh. So, don’t be ill prepared. Check out this list of the six key things to get sorted to make the fall semester your best one yet.



It’s back-to-school season, so if you really want to make a great first impression then getting in shape should be high on your to-do list. Why a gym instead of working out in your dorm room, you ask? When you are at home, distractions abound! Your room needs cleaning, your lecture notes need reviewing, your social media accounts scream for attention. Going to the gym puts up a wall between you and the myriad issues in your life, meaning the only thing you have to focus on is getting in shape.



College students often get a bad rep for transitioning into a sweatpant slump as the year progresses. Don’t fall into the trap of making loungewear your everyday uniform. Instead, mix things up with easy-to-throw on staples like oversized flannel shirts with jeans or funky flats with cosy leggings if you’re a gal. Guys, trade up the cargo pants and hoodie for dark, slim fit (not skinny) mid-rise jeans and a lightweight cotton V-neck sweater. Invest in a few key items now and make everyday dressing a breeze.



Stay ahead of your class with some of the coolest new gadgets around. Consider grabbing a ‘college proof’ speaker. These days you can find portable speakers that are dustproof, shockproof and waterproof, with ranges around 30 feet – perfect for providing tunes for your dorm mixers. And if you haven’t already caught onto the trend – hook yourself up with self-charging cases for your phone or tablet. Keep your devices charged around the clock so you can refer to all your notes before a big test, or take continuous snapchats while you wait.



A hot playlist can help you get through a semester like nothing else can. Songs for late night cramming, songs for the gym, songs for cruising around on your days off. Put in the time beforehand to create some killer lists that will see you through. That way you’ll never be short of awesome tunes whenever you’re partying—er, studying.



Packed schedules and long days can make healthy, balanced eating a challenge. Fast food options are cheap and readily available but this can quickly turn into a snack rut. Avoid highly processed foods that don’t contain the nutrients you need to keep up your strength, stamina and focus. Stock up on healthy organic options like dried fruit and nuts or whole-wheat crackers with hummus or peanut butter.



Of course, we have to take up the opportunity for a shameless plug here! For an organic energy boost full of all-natural goodness such as green tea, guarana, Echinacea and ginseng, put away a stash of GURU Organic Energy Drink. Just make sure to hide it well from your sneaky roommates!

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