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7 Morning Rituals That Help Increase Productivity

by • 29, September, 2016 • Inside GuruComments Off on 7 Morning Rituals That Help Increase Productivity2800

What you do when you wake up in the morning can be a solid indicator of not only the quality of your day, but by extension, the quality of your entire life. Committing to a few empowering morning rituals each day can change your life in many exciting ways. You can use these 7 healthy, positive rituals to take command of your day and to have more direction over your whole life.

1. Wake up earlier

This one is important because in order to fit in your new morning routine you’re probably going to need some extra time. If you’ve turned into a night owl because of the peace and quiet you find when everyone else is asleep, consider that it’s likely you can get that same level of peace and quiet in the early morning. You’ll also be more awake to enjoy it! Try gradually shifting your sleeping times over a matter of months until you’re in a natural rhythm of going to bed and waking up earlier.

2. Hydrate

When you wake up in the morning you have usually gone without water for around 8 hours. It’s important to top up first thing to get things flowing again. Try a glass of warm water with lemon juice as the very first thing. The warm water and the lemon both help to flush out your digestive system and rehydrate the body.

3. Listen to positive music

Starting your day with music you find motivating or revitalising is the perfect way to set yourself up for success. It gives you something to look forward to each morning and can set you up with the right mindset to approach the day. You can choose music that gets you feeling pumped and active, or something soothing to encourage a peaceful frame of mind. Even finding a radio station you like can help boost your energy levels.

4. Meditate

Meditating, even for just a few minutes each morning, sets the tone for your entire day, helping you to be more optimistic, content and focused. Numerous studies have shown that meditation has various health benefits including easing stress, making you feel more emotionally balanced and reducing anxiety. Beginning your day in this way will help you to be less bothered by the day-to-day frustrations of life.

5. Strike a pose for 2 minutes

A number of studies have demonstrated the impact your body language can have on your emotional state. Higher levels of testosterone are correlated with higher levels of confidence (in both men and women). You can actually increase your testosterone levels by adopting a ‘power pose’ for as little as 2 minutes. The most well-known power pose is the ‘Wonder Woman’. You just stand tall with your chest out and hands on your hips. The impact of these poses is just as relevant for men as for women.

6. Workout

There are many benefits to exercising in the morning. Working out increases your focus on the next activity, which is usually work or school. Plus it’s generally easier to get distracted later in the day by things like lower motivation levels, overdue work or a sick child. You’re more likely to be consistent in your training if you get it done earlier in the day. Plus you’ll boost your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories throughout the day.

7. Set your top 3

Plenty of people make the mistake of putting too many things on their to-do list. Some tasks inevitably fall through the cracks which can leave you feeling like you’re never getting enough done! Try sticking to 3 main tasks you really want to get done each day. By just having 3 you’re much more likely to get them done, and you’ll probably find that smaller stuff either does get done despite not being on the list or it fades away because it wasn’t that important anyway. You’ll feel better at the end of each day knowing that you got your top 3 done.

If you want these rituals to change your life you’ll need to incorporate them each day and turn them into habits. Stay the course and you’ll reap the benefits.

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